HSENI Annual Report Shows Drop in Workplace Deaths

    The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) has published its Annual Report and Accounts for the period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023, showing workplace deaths are down from 19 in 2021-2022 to 10.

    With COVID-19 restrictions eased, HSENI carried out 5,108 inspections compared with 2,902 in the previous year.

    HSENI’s Major Investigations Team progressed 18 prosecutions through the courts which resulted in fines of over £522,500 being handed down.

    Overall, 18,688 interactions with duty holders were delivered to improve health and safety standards across Northen Ireland. 

    HSENI Chairman, Derek Martin said: “I am proud of the tireless work and dedication that the entire HSENI team has shown through this reporting period.

    “We have maintained our focus on reducing serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace with excellent results, but every death is a tragedy, and we remain determined to work with all sectors of industry to drive these numbers down. 

    “We remain grateful to all those who share our ambition to make Northern Ireland’s workplaces as safe and healthy as possible and who have contributed to the successful outcomes set out in our 2022-23 Annual Report.”

    HSENI Chief Executive Robert Kidd said: “I can confidently say that we have made great strides during the reporting period to help ensure the safety of workers.

    “I am very much encouraged by the reduction in the number of deaths and major injuries, but we will never be complacent. Fatalities alone are not a strong indicator of improving trends in workplace health and safety as the figures can fluctuate.  We will continue to focus on those activities known to be the causes of serious injuries and fatalities across all work sectors. 

    “The expertise and determination shown by everyone in the organisation has successfully contributed to making Northern Ireland workplaces significantly safer.”

    HSENI’s website attracted 804,747 page views and enabled visitors to download 80,489 publication files.

    HSENI dealt with 713 complaints, responded to approximately 3,130 calls for information received via the Freephone Helpline, and launched Asbestos and Farm Safety campaigns on social media.

    The organisation delivered on all its published objectives apart from a small number of pieces of legislation which were delayed because of the absence of the Assembly.

    The HSENI Annual Report 2022-23 can be found at:   www.hseni.gov.uk/publications/hseni-annual-reports