Hiab launches second generation Electric Power Take-Off

Hiab, part of Cargotec, has launched HIAB ePTO 44, the second generation Electric Power Take-Off,  with a lower weight and longer battery life to provide emission-free power to loader cranes. 

The second generation ePTO plug-in system offers more power and longer battery life with less weight than its predecessor and is an electric, emission-free, alternative to drawing power from the vehicle’s engine. This enables the crane operator to work with the engine switched off – quietly, and free from exhaust fumes.

When compared to diesel alternatives, electricity reduces energy costs by up to 90% and the ePTO 44 offers greater energy efficiency as it only delivers the required energy to move the crane. No energy is lost when idling. The operating hours of the vehicle are increased as the ePTO allows the crane to be operated with the truck engine switched off.

The setup consists of a battery, an electric motor, a hydraulic pump and a smart electronic control system, which is packaged on the truck chassis. The status of the ePTO 44 is visible in the CombiDrive4 remote control display or on a display mounted on the crane.

It is easy to use the ePTO 44 with any HIAB HiPro loader crane. The crane capacity is the same, and the trusted HIAB operational response is even enhanced. When the crane is not in use, the electric pump is automatically switched off to save energy and battery capacity and the ePTO 44 starts up again with the control lever. The crane is virtually silent, enabling safe communication and a greatly improved working environment for operators.

According to a delivery driver at the UK timber and builders’ merchant Lawsons: “From an operator’s point of view, using the crane is far less tiring. We’re not fatigued because we’re not working with the constant drone of the truck’s engine running all the time when we’re unloading. After a 10-hour shift, you really notice the noise difference. Working with the ePTO makes our environment a happier place.”

Working areas can also be extended due to zero emissions at the point of use so the crane can be operated in emission-restricted zones such as indoor and tunnel operations, urban areas, early morning or night-time deliveries or other areas where noise is a concern.

Overall the fully integrated ePTO 44 solution for HIAB cranes offers excellent driveability for a superior operator experience, while still offering the same lifting capacity as a conventional crane, all with fewer emissions.

Mattias Berglund, Director, Global Product Management, Special Applications and Digital Products, Hiab comments: “The new ePTO 44 raises the standard for battery-operated crane operation. The weight has been reduced and the power has been increased to provide greater, more sustainable loader crane performance while providing a safer and more comfortable working environment. All at a more competitive price.”