Sponsored Driver Swaps Racing Car for a Doosan DA30-7 ADT    

To mark promising Doosan-sponsored 17-year-old driver, Niklas Eker Abrahamsen, taking part in his first Arctic Circle Midnight Cup Race in Norway,the company has released a special new video to celebrate the event: https://youtu.be/gbHApvkVzTw

The new video brings together two top performers – Niklas in his GT4 class Citroën DS3 R racing car and a Doosan DA30-7 articulated dump truck (ADT).Another star of the video is Anne Elise Barclay Kristiansen, who works for the mining contractor LNS AS, at the iron ore mine close to the Arctic Circle Raceway (ACR), as an operator on ADTs and wheel loaders.

As well as hosting the Arctic Circle Midnight Cup Race series, the ACR is the perfect location for the video as it was built on an infilled mining area, which is a typical environment for the Doosan DA30-7 to be working in. The ACR is the largest race track in Norway and the northernmost race track in the world.

Niklas is a young sports car driver with very high potential, as demonstrated by the fact he is already part of the Norway National team. In addition to the Arctic Circle Midnight Cup, the busy schedule for Niklas includes six races in the Norwegian GT4 Championship and five events in the Citroën DS3 Nordic Championship, a total of 12 race weekends between May and October this year.

In the Arctic Circle Midnight Cup races themselves, Niklas had a puncture in the first race and had to retire, but then came 3rd and 4th in the other races, recording the fastest lap time in the process!

Rosendal, the long-standing Authorised Dealer for Doosan in Norway, has been the main sponsor for Niklas since 2019 and recently renewed the contract for a further two years, with an increase in budget. The link between Rosendal and Niklas is down to his proud father, Frode Abrahamsen and Tor Anders Høgaas, the head of Rosendal. Frode is now Sales Manager Norway for Commercial Specialty Tires at Continental Dekk Norge AS and has worked with Tor in the past, including on recent new product development projects for Doosan ADTs.