Kilwaughter Minerals Transforms Construction Market With Two New Product Launches

Award-winning UK supplier of external wall insulation solutions, K Systems, renowned brand of leading quarry and minerals processor Kilwaughter Minerals, has launched two innovative new systems to the industry in a matter of weeks.

The most recent innovation, a new KIWA BDA-certified Direct Fix system is ideal for new build or retrofit steel framed structures of any height, delivers outstanding cost efficiency compared to cavity-based systems, and offers four stunning finishes, the widest range available on the market, with A1 fire resistance options within that.

The new solution by K Systems represents a significant R&D investment and follows extensive market research in partnership with existing customers and stakeholders.

The launch of the distinctive and transformative Direct Fix system comes hot on the heels of K Systems’ introduction of its new M VBriQ+ system to market.

The A1 fire-resistant mineral wool system with clay brick slip finish is a perfect architectural solution for buildings at all height levels and offers exceptional levels of durability and workability.

The system is available in a variety of colours and textures providing unrivalled choice for customers to achieve their desired aesthetic with a standard range of brick slips available in stock.

Pictured (left to right) are Sales Director David Grace, Business Development Director Caroline Rowley, and Chief Executive Gary Wilmot.

Kilwaughter Minerals’ Business Development Director, Caroline Rowley, said: “At Kilwaughter Minerals, we pride ourselves on maintaining continuous dialogue with our customers and the broader market to innovate and formulate new products tailored to their evolving needs.

“We understand growing industry demand for EWI systems that are not only cost effective but that comply with stringent safety regulations whilst also offering superior durability.

“With Direct Fix we have perfected an unmatched product which ticks all of those boxes, and we are delighted to finally bring it to market.”

Two of the four finishes available with Direct Fix are A1 rated systems, offering the highest standards of fire safety. This launch and the A1 rated M VBriQ+ launch takes K Systems’ A1 portfolio to four A1 rated systems, evidencing the company’s equal dedication to safety and compliance in addition to innovation.

Benefits of the newly introduced Direct Fix system also include an easier, faster installation process for applicators due to significantly reduced components, and an option forcategory one impact resistance rating guaranteeing buildings maintain a pleasing aesthetic for longer, and an unrivalled variety of finishes, colours and textures.

Chief Executive of Kilwaughter Minerals, Gary Wilmot, added: “At K Systems, safety is non-negotiable, so we are proud to once again have our products awarded with the industry’s highest A1 fire resistance rating, enabling us to offer a solution that provides complete peace of mind to both customers and residents alike.

“The launch of both systems is a shining example of our ability to deliver innovation without compromise and further testament to our prowess in creating products which provide tangible advantages for both those working with our systems and those living in the designated buildings.”

K Systems is a trusted supplier of EWI systems into the UK market for over 30 years and boasts a proven track record of reliability and durability.

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