Plant & Civil Engineer Dec’23 – Jan ’24

“Love is a verb”. This is a favourite saying that one of my older and wiser friends espouses. Showing through action is more important than saying. His words, although phrased differently, were echoed on 13th December 2023, by COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber, hailing the agreement reached by nearly 200 countries at the summit in Dubai as historic. He said: “We are what we do, not what we say. We must take the steps necessary to turn this agreement into tangible actions.”

And what an agreement it is, bringing with it a commitment to begin reducing global consumption of fossil fuels to avert the worst of climate change, a first-of-its-kind deal signalling the eventual end of the oil age.

Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Espen Barth Eide highlighted the magnitude of the deal. “It is the first time that the world unites around such a clear text on the need to transition away from fossil fuels,” he said “It has been the elephant in the room. At last, we address it head-on.”

It is a highly significant decision that will directly impact operations throughout our industry. Manufacturers and operators across the board are already introducing cleaner and greener technologies and working methods, but this agreement will surely fast-track the pace of change. In our next edition, I will be carrying an exclusive interview with Volvo-owned Rokbak on that very topic.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this packed issue and possibly see yourself staring back from the pages in our PCE awards supplement.

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