Next Generation Hyundais Arrive at Hugh Pearl

Having enjoyed many years of reliable service from its Hyundai 140LC crawler excavators, civil engineering and drainage expert Hugh Pearl has evolved its fleet, upgrading the older models to Hyundai A new series equivalent, the HX140AL.

Having taken delivery of two HX140AL excavators over the last 12 months, the Hugh Pearl team is putting these hard-working and versatile excavators to use on a wide range of projects, from path digging and pond drainage, through to larger civil projects, including car parks, cemeteries and sports fields.

Adrian Rowell, Contracts Director at Hugh Pearl Land Drainage Ltd, explained: “We have been fans of the Hyundai machines for a while, we’ve always enjoyed operating them and found them to be great quality and good value for money. So, when the time came to look at replacing our old Hyundais, it made perfect sense to look at the next generation machines and put those to the test.

“We were impressed with how these new Hyundai excavators have evolved in the latest generation and, so far, we’re finding them to be more comfortable and even more powerful than their predecessors.

“Our operators only have good things to say about them. The cameras, in particular, have had a really positive response. They make our guys feel more confident when they’re working on a busy and complex site.

“From a maintenance perspective, we’re really impressed with the huge strides Hyundai has made. It’s easier to get in and out of the machines and to access the areas that need adjusting and the service we receive from our Hyundai dealer, Ernest Doe, is second to none. We’ve seen the evolution of Hyundai over time and this new generation of machines gives us everything we come to expect from Hyundai and more.”

Supplied by Hyundai dealer, Ernest Doe, the HX140AL offers a robust exterior design, with added safety features and improved serviceability, allowing it to perform in the toughest conditions on large construction sites and infrastructure projects.

From its upgraded, eco-friendly engine, to its carefully chosen control technologies, the HX140AL excavator helps operators to achieve new heights of productivity. Hyundai’s EPIC (Electric Pump Independent Control) hydraulic system, in connection with automatic engine shutdown, eco gauge and lifting mode, allow the machine to deliver performance and efficiency when and where it’s needed.

But the true value of the HX A-Series lies in its durability and high productivity. For Hugh Pearl, there is no alternative.