Hitachi Zaxis-7 Wheeled Excavator Range Packed with Features

The new Hitachi Zaxis-7 wheeled excavators offer an extensive range of features designed to help owners and operators control their profitability, comfort, safety and uptime.

The highly versatile ZX150W-7, ZX155W-7 and ZX180W-7, and two new short-tail swing models – the ZX135W-7 and ZX175W-7 – are also provided with unrivalled levels of support over their life cycle.

The smallest model in the range, the ZX135W-7, is based on the larger ZX155W-7 and is equipped with the same engine. It has a compact 360-degree swing radius (1,740mm to the rear and 1,750mm at the front) for confined spaces. The newly developed ZX175W-7 also has an exceptional digging force and lifting capacity, improving productivity.

Owners can further boost their profits by working on a wider range of projects thanks to the excellent versatility of the Zaxis-7 wheeled excavators. Attachments can be conveniently transported using the optional trailer support package, and they are easily changed using the enhanced attachment support system. The new models can also be fine-tuned to suit the operator’s preference and job site requirements – for optimum productivity, while reducing fuel consumption.

The redesigned Zaxis-7 cab is the perfect working environment for operators. Ultra-spacious, it offers the ultimate in comfort and quality, with low noise levels and less vibration than the previous generation.

The seat and console have a synchronised motion, designed to ensure that operators feel less tired at the end of the working day. Easy operation also comes from the new ergonomic design of the console and switches, as well as convenient access to controls, and features such as cruise control, automatic transmission and the optional ride control system that suppresses vibrations from the front attachment.

Added functionality to the easy-to-view screen and joysticks, and the auto working brake, have also been incorporated to this state-of-the-art cab to make the working day effortless and enjoyable.

Increased safety

The cab also offers a superior view of the job site to protect operators and the machine from potential hazards. Visibility is boosted by an exceptional 270-degree bird’s-eye view with the Aerial Angle camera system. Operators can choose from six image options on the monitor to view the immediate environment. Their vision through the cab’s front window is also improved by the slim steering column (with wider adjustment angle) and smaller steering wheel.

To enable operators to work more confidently and productively, even in challenging conditions, the Zaxis-7 wheeled excavators are fitted with new features such as LED work lights, a windscreen wiper with an increased sweeping area, and larger mirrors.  For additional safety, the upper structure and front attachment will lock in place when the machine is in the correct position, for driving on public roads.