New initiative from CIHT for highways, transportation and infrastructure

The transportation sector is growing and changing, with increasing expectations to provide sustainable transport, reduce carbon emissions, improve health, develop people and communities and provide employment, yet we know very little about the changing size and structure of the collective workforce and the skills needed to work in the sector.

CIHT aims to address this gap and provide a comprehensive employment and skills map to help the strategic development of the sector. This initiative will include conducting a survey every two years, supported with some in-depth interviews and producing a biennial, dynamic report on the averages and trends unique to our sector.

To achieve this, CIHT is working with Pye Tait Consulting, an independent research agency.

“We are keen to attract employers from across the sector, different-sized organisations and varying specialist expertise to fill in the survey, to ensure a diverse representation of the sector.  Participating organisations will be sent a copy of the results report.

“We would like your help in promoting and distributing details of this project and survey – helping our sector to build the evidence base – participants will receive a copy of the final report.

“If your organisation is involved in the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of land-based transport systems and infrastructure in the UK, we invite you take part in the survey which will be open until the end of February.”

How will the results be used?

This survey will help to:

  • Inform an industry initiative in this area and build the evidence base
  • Provide a true benchmark for highways and transportation businesses to measure against
  • Demonstrate comparisons and trends which increase in knowledge value over time
  • Establish an evidence base, from which to influence government on key issues for the sector
  • Give clarity on the level of skills development needed within the sector
  • Illustrate areas of diversity where time and investment will reap value
  • Highlight the opportunities for attracting new talent to the sector

To find out more and to register your interest, please visit the website here.