McBreen Environmental invests in second portable dewatering screen from CDE

Waste management specialists McBreen Environmental has invested in its second CDE solution, the new the MSU:10G, to complement its existing CDE plant.

The County Cavan-based company purchased its first CDE system, an MSU:10, in 2018. Its latest investment sees the commissioning of an MSU:10G which will operate alongside its sister plant to support McBreen to expand its capacity as it continues to grow its customer base.

Since 2006, McBreen has delivered a range of services including drain surveys, drain cleaning and sludge and grease disposal utilising the latest technology to ensure the highest standards of service for its customers. With depots across Ireland, it offers total waste management solutions nationwide.

Waste collected by McBreen was often transported to its main facility in County Cavan for processing. At this facility, the company treats both hazardous and non-hazardous waste to remove solids and separate various constituents in order to maximise recycling.

McBreen invested in the original MSU:10 plant to help combat the challenges of waste processing. Waste collected by its vacuum tankers often contains significant amounts of sands and grit that would cause blockages, wear and reduced capacity on site, resulting in increased operational costs, downtime and maintenance requirements.

So effective was the MSU:10 at alleviating these issues that McBreen decided to invest in a second unit to expand its capacity.

Small but mighty

A compact, multi-purpose solution for solid/liquid separation, CDE’s latest innovation, the MSU:10G, can be applied to a variety of applications, including tank cleanout operations, gully waste and interceptor cleanouts, mobile decanter protection, backup and emergency screening and drilling muds dewatering.

Designed for ease of use and with the contractor at the forefront, the unit can be delivered easily, requires minimal start up time and delivers maximum performance.

By diverting useable material from landfill, the MSU:10G enables contractors to significantly reduce disposal costs while its energy efficiency ensures it operates at maximum performance with a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

The small but mighty, solution is also portable, meaning it can be transported between sites to process waste closer to the source and eliminating the need to transport waste at high cost to a central processing facility.

Reliability and performance 

The new MSU:10G will process 50-60m3/hour, producing a dewatered +4mm oversized product and a sand/grit fraction for safe disposal. The fully mobile and versatile system means it can easily be relocated to where it’s needed or it can be used as a fixed installation to provide protection to the downstream assets.

Damien McBreen, Managing Director, McBreen Environmental, states: “The success and quality of the first CDE unit made it an easy decision for us to work with CDE again on this project. We initially purchased our MSU:10 with a view to using it around Ireland on the wide range of projects we undertake. And although we did use it for festivals and other projects the benefit it provided to our main facility meant it became crucial in the process and evolved into a fixed installation. This meant we needed to expand our fleet and knowing the CDE equipment is both reliable and easy to use, together with the fact the system can be both mobile and fixed, was key for us.”

Fergal Campbell, Business Development Manager at CDE, “By choosing CDE’s small but mighty MSU:10G, McBreen Environmental can ensure its processes are protected from blockages and accelerated wear while safeguarding its downstream processes. The added benefit of the grit and sand removal will mean that the capacity of its process is maintained without the need for downtime to clean-out any settled solids.” 

The new system will free up the existing MSU:10 for other on-site screening projects and allow McBreen to facilitate more projects. Always looking to the future and the latest innovations, McBreen identified the capacity restrictions with only one unit available and so invested in the second screening unit to ensure it can continue to provide an industry leading service as the market grows and develops.

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