Further milestones reached in construction of new pumping station in Bangor

NI Water and its contractor BSG Civil Engineering have reached further significant milestones in the construction of the new wastewater pumping station at Brompton Road in Bangor, County Down.

The tank has now been sunk to the final position, and a huge concrete pour has been completed to form the base of the new 21m diameter tank.

This significant concrete pour was completed recently, when work commenced at 5am with 67 lorries bringing over 500m3 of concrete to site, which was poured over a 12 hour period.

Catherine Watkins, NI Water’s Project Manager said: “The sinking of the tank and completion of the concrete base represents a significant step forward in the advancement of this challenging project.”

Pipe laying works on Brompton Road are now underway, and will be carried out under the ongoing road closure. This will involve upgrading the existing combined sewer and installing a new pumping main. A short section of pipeline will also be laid along Downshire Road (between Brompton Road and Maxwell Road) around the end of May. It is anticipated these works will take approximately 10 weeks to complete.

“Our contractor will install as much of the new sewer and pumping main as possible using underground trenchless techniques, designed to minimise disruption to residents and reduce environmental impact.”