Cat 313 excavator promises next level performance

Finning UK & Ireland is making tracks to welcome the next generation of Cat 313 excavators to the UK later this year.

The new range comes in multiple model options and includes a range of on-board technologies as standard that promise to boost operational efficiency and productivity by as much as 45%.

Throughout the pandemic, technology has been key to keeping the wheels of industry turning. As contractors across the UK and Ireland slowly start to get back to work and construction sites reopen.  Operational efficiency and machine productivity will play a key role in helping to revitalise the construction industry.

The Cat 313 is the first of the upcoming 13-ton excavator models to have the next generation Caterpillar technology features built-in, all designed to improve operator efficiency and productivity and overall machine performance.

The Cat 313 excavator comprises simple to use integrated Cat technology to improve operator efficiency for payload and grade guidance, Cat GRADE with 2D comes as standard and uses onboard sensors to provide operators with real time guidance, reducing the need for ground personnel. Something that is particularly beneficial today with the number of workers on sites being limited.

New software, like smart mode, enable operators to adjust how they use their engines to be more efficient, reduce engine wear and emissions and subsequently cut maintenance costs by around 25%, compared against the previous model. Machine hours, performance and maintenance intervals can be monitored through onboard digital systems and delivered via Cat Connect to enable contractors to monitor the performance of machines in the fleet.

“The new 313 models come with a set of in-built technologies that radically improve their efficiency” explains Steve Breen, head of construction at Finning UK & Ireland. “Externally, tools like Cat Link telematics mean operators can make the most out of their data. Product Link and VisionLink enable users to collect data automatically from their equipment like location, fuel usage and idle time and visualize it to make informed decisions on the construction site.”

“One of the other big changes with the new 313 excavator is the seat itself,” continued Breen. “Back pain is one of the most common reasons contractors miss work, so providing a more comfortable experience is central to a safer construction site. In addition, the new models the controls positioned directly in front of the operator, reducing chances of twisting and causing injury to the operator.”

The Cat 313 is one of the most efficient and productive excavators available on the market. The model is also compatible with a number of attachments that can easily expand its performance, improving safety and stability.