Bandvulc launches new Wastemaster II High Load

Bandvulc has launched a new 295/80R22.5 High Load version of its Wastemaster II tyre, to better meet its customers’ needs in the waste management sector.

The new Wastemaster II HL is purpose-designed to fit on the latest generation of original equipment. Sporting the same robust urban features and bespoke compound advantages as the existing Wastemaster II product, the new tyre comes to the market in a 154/149 J load/speed rating. 

Wastemaster II HL benefits from Bandvulc’s ‘Armorband’ technology, which provides additional protection around the tyre sidewall as an extra safety barrier against kerbing.

Operators can utilise the coloured internal strip, which offers a clear, unmistakable warning if the barrier is compromised. 

Optimised for outstanding tyre longevity, the Wastemaster II HL boasts Bandvulc’s bespoke compound that offers maximum resistance against damage. It is constructed of an exclusive ‘high polymer’ compound with an increased proportion of natural rubbers. This formula helps to secure a high level of tear and puncture resistance. Also featured is Bandvulc’s new generation engraving, for easy identification and placement. 

James Griffiths, Technical Manager at Bandvulc, said: “We’re committed to meeting the wide-ranging needs of our customers, and the introduction of Wastemaster II HL is the perfect example of us reacting to the changing waste management landscape. 

“After the change in standard vehicle specification, we could see that our customers were left with no choice but to fit tyres that were not purpose-designed for the job. By revising the Wastemaster II, we’ve been able to quickly fulfil the need for a sector-specific tyre, helping the customer to minimise vehicle downtime and save money on prematurely worn tyres.”