TWS to Host Live End to End Washing Solution Showcase

TWS has revealed details of their ‘Virtual Live Showcase of their End to End Washing Solution’ in Co. Cork, Ireland, taking place on 22nd June 2021.

Keohane Readymix founded in 1979 by Paddy Keohane is now a third-generation company serving a broad customer base throughout county Cork and beyond with a range of concrete products, sand and aggregates. Brinny is one of several sites that Keohane Readymix operates.

They have invested significantly in their business over the last year to serve the growing and expanding demand from their customer base.   From this site in Brinny they are extracting and producing sand and gravel product, most of the product that goes from here goes to their own concrete operations based in Innishannon.

The wash plant that is operating on this site today replaces an old plant that was here for many years. This plant installed by the TWS team in Q2 2020, initially working with the Keohane business to specify the correct machine for the application, tailor heavily this machine for the application and also for the site. 

Tailored Design

“Some of the unique features that we will show you as part of the Live Showcase include the  high angle H30 feed hopper, designed to take a direct truck dump feed and uniquely there is a subterranean water tank system beneath the plinth of the machine which holds all of the fresh water tank and dirty water tank sump and is designed to reduce the footprint of the machine on this particular site.

The plant was commissioned and handed over to the customer just over one year ago and has been operational since, producing specification sand and aggregate for Keohane operations.


“As part of our Live event our team of washing experts, who have a wealth of wet processing experience, will walk you through this operational site showcasing all the equipment components up close, that make up the full plant, explain the features of the equipment and give you a complete understanding for this ‘End to End Washing Solution’.

“A fact that we are very proud of in TWS is all of the equipment here comes from our wide product portfolio, the widest of any wet processing manufacturer; that gives us a rather unique opportunity to provide a full Turnkey Solution. Most importantly whilst anyone can sell a collection of components, applying our equipment properly and efficiently to this specific application here is something that is at the core of how we conduct our business backed by decades of in-house experience.

Washing Expert

Delegates will also have the opportunity to ask ‘Live’ any washing questions they many have about the machine, the features or questions on their own specific washing needs.

“No such installation or project would be complete without investment from a customer, and we are delighted that Keohane sselected TWS as a partner for this project. As part of the event we will hear from Gavin Touhey, Plant Manager, to gain his feedback on the plant performance and operation of the machine over the past year.”

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