New JCB Fastrac iCON ‘Utility’ Has Even Greater Capabilities

JCB has launched a new ‘utility’ version of the Fastrac 4000 series high-speed tractor with all-new electronics that deliver higher levels of performance and convenience while giving operators unprecedented choice in the way they set-up and control their machine.

All Fastrac tractors are unique in being equipped with powerful external disc brakes and self-levelling axle suspension at front and rear. The 175hp to 235hp 4000 Series models, which are available to ‘utility’ specification for highways, airport and other applications, also feature multi-mode four-wheel steering.

The new iCON models have more advanced control software for the stepless transmission, making it easier than ever to operate the tractors in work and when travelling at up to 60kph on the road, while the fully-integrated ISOBUS implement control option adds new capabilities.

Inside the cab, the iCON armrest console and touch-screen display provide outstanding flexibility in control allocation and operator information, while further improving the operator’s all-round view from the two-seat Command Plus cab, which has improved heating and ventilation.

The ‘utility’ version can be equipped for winter and summer maintenance tasks, operating rear-mounted, front-mounted and deck-mounted equipment – individually or in combination – for applications such as snow clearance, salt spreading and roadside vegetation control.

Features include a DIN-standard mounting frame for highway snow ploughs, snow blowers and powered sweepers; a stability control system to keep the tractor level when operating heavy long-reach vegetation mowers; and a purpose-built rear deck frame for quick mounting and demounting of specialist spraying equipment and salt spreaders.

The rear deck is fabricated with a steel frame and aluminium chequer plate covering, with built-in mud guards formed from stainless steel; operators can quickly remove a sprayer or spreader by lowering the tractor’s suspension after deploying support legs and disconnecting quick-release mounts and electrical and hydraulic couplings.

As standard, the tractors are finished in high-visibility orange rather than traditional JCB yellow, and are available with block pattern tyres for routine use on tarmac, concrete and other hard surfaces, as well as the familiar agricultural pattern for maximum off-road traction.

At the heart of the Fastrac iCON models is a new electronics infrastructure that enables a host of modern technology features to be fully integrated as standard or optional equipment.

The seat-mounted armrest console carries a 12in colour touch-screen display providing comprehensive vehicle information and the facility to set-up systems such as front and rear equipment hitches and the tractor’s hydraulics, as well as ISOBUS-compatible equipment.

Flexible allocation of hydraulic functions to the new main joystick and its five buttons, proportional spool valve fingertip levers, and an optional auxiliary joystick means controls can be set-up (and saved for recall) according to the type of equipment being operated and individual operator preferences.

The 12in touch-screen display, meanwhile, provides access for drag-and-drop spool valve and tractor control allocation, vehicle information, remote camera view (connectors are at the front, rear and side of the tractor), and ISOBUS applications.

Using the Fastrac’s stepless transmission has been made easier with Smart Transmission Control, which allows the operator to set a ground speed and leave the tractor to decide the best combination of engine speed and transmission ratio for changing loads both on- and off-road.