Major investment underway at RTU

Ready mixed concrete, mortar and specialist cement screed supplier RTU recently invested in a new workshop facility at its Newtownabbey plant on the outskirts of Belfast. Established 30 years ago, the company has a fast growing customer base throughout the island of Ireland.

The new four bay workshop is due to become operational over the coming weeks and says company director, Franklin McIlroy: “The facility represents an investment of £200,000. It has a floor area of 504 square metres.


Standing outside the new RTU workshop: RTU director Franklin McIlroy and Moore Concrete’s Nicola McAdam

“We have always been able to service our manufacturing plant on site. But, up to this point, all our lorries and vans were sent off site for servicing. This approach can lead to a significant proportion of our transport fleet being out of service at any one time. This has become a greater issue for us, given the ongoing of the expansion of the business.

“The most obvious way to resolve this challenge was to bring all our transport servicing in-house. The new workshop will allow us to do this. It’s an investment that will also create a number of new jobs in our servicing department.”

When it came to the construction of the new workshop, the RTU management team had narrowed the options down to either pre-stressed Wall Panels or pouring concrete walls in-situ.

Franklin McIlroy commented: “We decided to go down the pre-stressed wall panel route, primarily for the speed and ease of installation that panels offered, given they arrive onsite, made to measure and pre-cured.  Furthermore, the panels could be installed in all weather conditions which is an advantage given the time of year and our climate.”

Ballymena-based Moore Concrete manufactured and installed the pre-stressed wall panels. The company’s Nicola McAdam was a recent visitor to RTU. She confirmed that a total of 68 panels were supplied in a range of lengths to meet the RTU’s specific requirements.

Nicola commented: “Our pre-stressed wall panels are available in a range of heights and thicknesses depending on the application. We were delighted to have the opportunity of working with the RTU team. Pre-stressed wall panels can also be re-sited if required allowing buildings to be adapted in the future, unlike traditional construction methods.”