Clean Coasts Ballynamona deploys new Beach Cleaning Machine to the Coast

The multi award winning Clean Coasts Ballynamona, Ireland’s largest beach cleaning group, has just launched its new weapon to fight the scourge of marine litter. 

The group took delivery of a new John Deere Gator recently with the support of FLAG (Fisheries Local Action Group) funding, which will help pull heavy marine litter such as old and abandoned fishing nets that wash up on the shore.  

Pictured at the delivery of a new John Deere Gator were (left/right) 4 year old Odhran OÕTuama, with local volunteers Sally OÕReilly and Tomas Mulcahy, helping to clear fishing nets from the beach with the help of the new gator.
Photo: Cathal Noonan

Founder of Clean Coasts Ballynamona, Proinsias Ó Tuama said: “This is essential equipment for us in tackling the tonnes of litter that washes up on our coast.  In 12 months alone we removed over 200 tyres from Ballybranagan and Ballycroneen beaches that stretch just 1.2 km.  It will allow us to carry the very heavy bags that volunteers collect back to the car park for safe disposal. 

“Pristine coasts are essential, they are not just very important ecosystems.  They are also crucial for the local economy, such as the beautiful restaurants, pubs, hotels and B&B’s who are ready to welcome the thousands of visitors who will visit once restrictions lift.”

Clean Coasts Ballynamona clean over 40 kms of coastline of marine litter, which is 1.5% of the total Irish coastline.