Workplace transport safety inspection campaign of concrete premises

    The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI), has begun carrying out a workplace transport safety inspection campaign at concrete premises.

    During the campaign, which will run until July, HSENI Inspectors will conduct focused inspections to assess the management of workplace transport related risks, an essential responsibility of employers to help keep employees safe at work.

    HSENI Principal Inspector Brian Pryce said: “Unfortunately, workplace transport continues to be an area responsible for fatalities and major injuries in the workplace. Beginning in April our Inspectors will be visiting concrete premises throughout Northern Ireland to ensure effective controls are in place to manage the risks associated with workplace transport.

    “Our Inspectors will provide information and advice during the campaign. Where significant risks are found Inspectors may take enforcement action in order to achieve compliance with health and safety legislation to ensure that risks are properly managed.”

    Inspections will include three key areas essential to manage workplace transport effectively.

    Safe Site

    • Is there a traffic management plan in place for the site?
    • Are pedestrians and vehicles adequately segregated?
    • Are there dedicated routes for pedestrians to travel around the site which offer physical protection from moving vehicles?
    • Are there adequate arrangements in place to control the risks to small load customers and members of the public on site?

    Safe Vehicle

    • Are measures in place to ensure vehicle all-round visibility?
    • Are procedures in place to carry out pre-use checks and report defects?
    • Have statutory examinations been completed for vehicles used for lifting?

    Safe Driver

    • Do drivers hold adequate licenses and have training certificates for the vehicles they are authorised to drive?
    • Is there a program of driver refresher training in place?
    • Are there measures in place to prevent drivers falling from height during sheeting / loading activities?

    Practical guidance on how to manage work related transport risks on site can be found in HSG136 – ‘A guide to workplace transport safety’. This is available at the link below