Virtual Launch for CASE Wheel Loader G-Series

The European launch of CASE Construction Equipment’s new G-Series Evolution Wheel Loader range has recently taken place during the manufacturer’s first European Digital event. 

Complete with comprehensive enhancements across its entire line, the new G-Series Evolution Wheel Loader is said to improve performance and productivity by increasing uptime as well as empowering operators with greater control and understanding of the machine and its capabilities, resulting in increasing profitably.

“Wheel loaders that are designed to work in the most extreme working environments benefit from improved performance and profitability when you shorten cycle times, by simplifying operations and increasing uptime,” explains Egidio Galano, Product Management Director, CASE Construction Equipment, Europe.

“Each of the enhancements included in the new CASE G-Series Evolution loaders drive those incremental improvements that lead to big gains in productivity and efficiency.”

Designed to be reliable and save time, the all-new payload system is integrated directly into the wheel loader’s primary display and provides bucket-weight, pass counts, accumulated/running weight, job tracking data and more, for high-volume loading and production environments.

Operators benefit from the ability to precisely load each truck and reduce under/overload situations by accurately weighing each bucket, whilst cumulatively tracking the total weight of material loaded into each truck.

The improved payload system helps operators track total loads including the total volume of material moved over a specific time, load history by customer, ticket or material, as well as providing a comprehensive ticket history.

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