Ulster Shredders Officially Open New R&D Facility

Ulster Shredders have kick-started 2023 with the official opening of their Research & Development Facility at their headquarters Cogry Works in Toomebridge.

Adjacent to their existing 40,000 sq feet manufacturing facility housing their dedicated CNC machine shop and assembly area, the 5,000 sq feet building has been commissioned and designed to facilitate the testing of products that can be safely viewed by their customers to see the shredded output. The research and development facility houses the full range of shredders, conveyors, and hoppers.

“Customers are at the forefront of our business, and we wanted to take the extra step in providing them with a ‘testing before investing’ service. Seeing is believing and with the addition of the Research & Development test centre we will continue to give our customers confidence that in choosing an Ulster Shredder product they can be assured of the quality and consistency of the products,” says Sales and Service Director Paul Atkinson.

Managing Director, Enda Cushnahan adds: “The shredding industry has matured to the point where not all materials and applications need to be tested; we have vast amount of data, experience and installations handling these materials. However, new applications or difficult-to-process materials need to be shred validated.”

Ulster Shredders produce a range of shredders and ancillary items tailored to meet the needs of their customer requirements. With the new facility, the model and shredding chambers can be configured in a manner to demonstrate pre and post shred materials and throughputs and give their customers a tangible output of their infeed materials ensuring when investing in Ulster Shredders they can do so confident that the equipment can meet the needs of their business.

Engineering Manager Damian O’Hagan comments: “The Research & Development Facility will allow us to continue developing our product offerings, proving out our capabilities on our customers products. This facility is a vital step in ensuring we continue to develop robust and reliable products in-house at our Northern Ireland headquarters”.

While Ulster Shredders is renowned for its shredder range, the company places significant emphasis on product lifecycle customer support through their dedicated after sales support team who provide spare parts, servicing & repairs through a dedicated team.