Terex Ecotec Introduce the TFC 75 Organics High Level Feeder

Terex Ecotec have expanded their conveying range with the addition of the TFC 75 Organics; a variant of the TFC 75 high level feeder.

It has been engineered specifically for the stockpiling and aerating of lower density, bulky materials such as soil, mulch, biomass and compost.

Located at the hopper outlet, the auger provides aeration and an untangling solution for organic materials. The auger flips, rotates and regulates the flow of material minimising fluctuations in the bulk density of organic materials and is equipped with replaceable hardened paddle wear plates.

High capacity, bespoke hopper design efficiently transfers and prevents the bridging of material. The reverse functionality of the feeder enables blockages to be cleared and oversized material removed. Controlled and efficient flow of material is guaranteed due to the adjustable operating speed of the feeder belt.

Watch a video of it in action here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAR92k9JVmc