‘Spiderman’ Has Nothing on The Menzi Muck!

The Menzi Muck
The Menzi Muck

To say that the Menzi Muck is a unique piece of machinery is quite an understatement.

Compared to conventional machines, it really is in a class of its own and could be set to become a familiar sight across Ireland, as Plant & Civil Engineer’s David Stokes has been discovering.

As our accompanying photographs show, this Swiss designed and manufactured ‘spider’ machine simply knows no limits, being able to operate on steep gradients, mountainsides, in deep mud, in water up to 4.5 m deep or even on the ocean bed.

With a flexible chassis that can be adapted to any type of ground, the Menzi Muck can go where no standard excavator would dare. Its versatility, flexibility, efficiency and productivity has to be seen to be believed – and it is already opening up new areas of business for County Tyrone based Kelly Earthmoving who recently added a 12-tonne M545 model to its machinery fleet.

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