Scania Opticruise Tipper Impresses at Robinson Quarry Masters

Robinson Quarry Master’s Scania P410 tipper quickly made a positive impression and impact after it was delivered by dealers Road Trucks Ltd of Larne; we’ve been finding out why.

“The P410 is the first Scania tipper here to be fitted with disc brakes and with the 12+2 speed, Opticruise gearbox, its performance in the quarry and out on the road has been outstanding” says Director Stephen Robinson.

“We are well pleased with the P410,” says Stephen. “We have been running it for a while now and it has delivered on everything we expected. Outside of scheduled maintenance, we have had no problems with it whatsoever.”

It’s the fifth Scania the quarry has had over the years and the first with the two pedal Opticruise, which has made a definite difference in performance and handling.

This automated gear changing system  is well suited to an off-road quarry environment and to making rural deliveries. Besides improving comfort and eliminating the need to watch revs and change gears, it enables the driver to devote more attention to site and road safety.

Familiarisation is quick and safe and economical driving is easy and consistent. Wear-and-tear is reduced on the clutch and other powertrain components, increasing service life.

“There’s no doubt the automated gearbox makes life that bit easier for the driver; it definitely is easier to handle, and there is less driver fatigue, which, of course, increases productivity,” says Stephen.

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