Quarries Urged to Complete Annual Return of Output, Value and Employment

The Department for the Economy is seeking information to complete an Annual Return of Output, Value and Employment for the year 2019. This information is required from all quarry sites under The Quarries (Northern Ireland) Order 1983.

An individual return needs to be completed for each quarry, relating the 2019 calendar year only, with responses to the survey required by September 30, 2020.

For guidance, the information to be provided in Section 1 is basic information relating to the quarry and includes confirmation of any third party accredited management systems and current status of the quarry both of which are optional but helpful to us if completed.

The information to be provided in sections 2 and 3 is a legal requirement under the Quarries (Northern Ireland) Order 1983.

The information sought in sections 4-5, is not a legal requirement. However, quarry owners are being asked to take the time to complete these sections as they will provide information on the economic and sustainable contributions of the quarry industry in Northern Ireland which will inform decision-makers.

These questions have been developed and agreed with the co-operation and full support of the Mineral Products Association NI.

The Department for the Economy has given an undertaking that the information provided in the form will not be published in a way that identifies any individual undertaking. Furthermore the information collected will not be shared with anyone outside of GSNI/Minerals in a way which would identify any individual undertaking, or be used for any purpose other than the annual quarry return and assessment.

For the 2019 data return an online data collection form is available at the following link – https://www.online.economy-ni.gov.uk/MineralSurvey

Once a return has been submitted you will receive an acknowledgement email and a copy of the form submitted. If you do not have access to the internet and are therefore unable to use the on-line form, or require assistance to complete the return please contact Minerals & Petroleum Branch, Department for the Economy by email to minerals@economy-ni.gov.uk