Metso Outotec keeps the customer in the center with a new marketing approach

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we all interact with each other and we recognize that our customers are looking for safer and more diverse ways to engage with us. As a result, Metso Outotec is announcing a new marketing approach aimed at closer engagement with the company’s customers and stakeholders.

Metso Outotec will be moving towards a more market-specific and multi-channel approach to its customer engagement strategy. To build stronger and more sustainable customer relationships, this strategy will focus on:

  • Having local representation either through our sales organization or our distribution partners
  • An increased focus on regional Metso Outotec branded events, in partnership with distributors where applicable
  • Increasing the ways that customers can engage with us digitally whether it is via our websites, through webinars, or via online tools and events that help customers explore problems and solutions

As a result of this redefined strategy, combined with an even sharper focus on safety and sustainability, Metso Outotec has decided not to attend both MINExpo 2021 and Bauma Munich 2022.

Despite its withdrawal from exhibiting at these two tradeshows, it will ensure that some commercial representation will be present, focused on targeted meetings and relationship-building. These will take place in the form of physical, digital, and hybrid events. Where it has physical events, it aims to minimize as much as possible travel and ensure a safe environment where it can avoid having large crowds of people.

Metso Outotec has not ruled out future participation at these or other large tradeshows, instead, it will allow customers’ behaviours and preferences to drive its ongoing marketing strategy development. Currently, it is still planned for Metso Outotec’s McCloskey brand to be featured at Bauma.

Physical interaction and face-to-face engagement will remain a key component of the Metso Outotec strategy. The goal is to augment that with the increasing possibilities that new technologies bring, allowing for greater efficiency, sustainability, and personalization.

“Our goal is to be closer to our customers and to provide them with the tailored content that they need in the formats that will best suit them,” says Lilli Nykänen, VP, Marketing. A flexible and adaptive approach is being taken for this across Metso Outotec products and services, as well as across the industries that we serve.

“Over the past year, the company has explored many digital-first marketing initiatives including the launch of the Liveroom virtual showroom and the Packed with Performance webinar series. These have been met with great enthusiasm from our diverse customer base and are things we will continue to build on moving forward.”