MB Crusher Rotating Grabs Called to Show Off Their Skills

When you have a machine but it’s actually like you’ve got 10, you’ve nailed it.  It’s a bit like having a drill, you can change bits or tips and you can do anything. These are the feelings that operators using MB Crusher rotating grabs experience. They have an attachment that can be adapted to any unique need that comes out at the job-site.

One grab that can be upgraded by 5 different accessories to allow you to work fluently, efficiently and simply put: better. Is it not every operator dream to have one machine that can adapt to the work-site, instead of taking lots of units to work?  It is possible with the MB Crusher Rotating Grab.

Lifting and moving are not enough, versatility is a must nowadays. Being able to relocate materials of any shapes and weight in total security and with noise control are just two of the many pluses built-in the MB Crusher grapples. They are all equipped with a safety feature to prevent the release of the object being handled in the event of the sudden absence of pressure, plus the silent block permits the use of the MB Crusher grapple even in areas where noise needs to be controlled.

The first accessory that can be chosen is the multifunctional blade kit a double blade feature: toothed on one side and smooth on the other, to handle large object and oddly shaped materials as its function is to have more grip increasing safety and control. The blades can be simply and quickly inverted based on necessity.

The MB-G grapples series can also be equipped with a claw containment cover kit, a device used to collect and handle small-sized material, to dig and dredge natural soils, to load earth, gravel and sand and to lift objects of any kind. A grip improvement kit will provide more ease, grip and precision, the kit is installed on the internal side of the MB Grapple.

Alternatively in the inner parts, a tilting lift rubber protection kit can be mounted, it is a structure fitted with rubber edges to pick up and move linear and frail material as it adapts to the shape of the material being moved. Lastly, to magnify the rotation strength in order to move heavy material with extreme ease a rotation power extender kit can be installed on the top part of the MB grapple.

There are four models of MB grapples available on the market, for excavators from 6 to 30 tons. They are practical to use, especially because they have a tilted coupling plate that allows you to reach everywhere, thus increasing the range of action. Handy to move any material in total safety and to make a precise selection of materials, even during the demolition process. The progressiveness with which the closing force can be managed allows operators to handle recyclable materials such as wood and metal, separating them from those destined for landfill.

What can these units do?

In 2018 a storm razed thousands of trees in Northern Italy, winds up to 200km/h flattened around 14 million centuries-old pine trees, a fatal blow to the ecosystem that will see years of cleaning hundreds of kilometres of forest. The MB-G900 grabs the branches and tree trunks with extreme ease thanks to the multifunctional blade kit. Video https://vimeo.com/344032661

Around the World

South of Germany, a construction and demolition company installed an MB Crusher model MB-G900 rotary grapple on its Liebherr 918 excavator.

The purchase was triggered by the versatility of this accessory and the possibility to use it in different sites to lift and move materials of any shapes and weights. The accessory shown is the multifunctional blade kit that replaces the standard blades.

In Romania, a sorting grapple MB-G1200, set on a Volvo EC290, is cleaning the job-site from brushwoods. The high clamping strength and grasping sensitivity allows for precise selection of the twigs, once the site is cleaned and tidy it became faster to process the debris. Video https://vimeo.com/434760154

In the Czech Republic, with a Takeuchi TB1140, a client needed to separate debris from a house demolition to recycle all the rubble. A combo between a rotating grapple MB-G600 and an MB Crusher Bucket BF60 was the winning solution. The house was torn down and all the waste recycled without having to leave the site. A complete job was done in 37 hours.

A sorting grapple MB-G900, installed on a Caterpillar M314F, is dismantling private houses in very little time in Hungary. The silent block assures that the neighbourhood is not disturbed. Fast, quiet, handy.

In Italy an MB-G600 mounted on JCBJS130 removing shrubs and tree branches fallen into the river. The cleaning will prevent flooding and the rotating grapple assures the precision needed in this type of landscaping jobs.

Elsewhere, a sorting grapple MB-G1200, installed on a Volvo EC220E, is moving demolition material into the containers to clean out the job-site. Video https://vimeo.com/436097024