Industry Welcomes ‘Visionary Statements’ by First and deputy First Ministers

The Quarry Products Association of Northern Ireland have welcomed the recent statements by the First and deputy First Ministers. Regional Director of QPANI, Gordon Best, said, “at a time when many in the business sector and the wider community were fearing that many of our public representatives were beginning to look back rather than keeping their focus on the future and building an inclusive, vibrant and peaceful Northern Ireland the leadership being shown by Peter Robinson and Martin McGuiness is to be applauded and encouraged.

“On many occasions we in the business community have called on our politicians to show vision and lead their constituencies to a shared and peaceful future. When that happens, as the recent statements show, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

“Our Executive has put growing the economy as its top priority. Our Members tell us that can only be achieved if ALL of our politicians in every political party and many groups in the wider community draw a line under the past and work together to create an environment where local businesses have the confidence to invest, where foreign investors view Northern Ireland as stable and a good place to do business and importantly the brightest and most gifted of our young people have the opportunities to have a career and raise their families at home here in Northern Ireland.

“Our message to our Politicians is, “Many in our Industry have taken risks and taken difficult decisions to survive the deepest recession since the thirties, so please take risks to achieve the future Northern Ireland that our children and their children deserve.”