Geith Unveil Versatile and Innovative Tilting Quick Coupler

Geith’s latest innovation is the new GT (Geith Tilting) Quick Coupler, suitable for excavators ranging from two tonnes up to 27 tonnes.

The GT quick coupler allows operators to tilt any attachment or bucket up to 180 degrees ‘with peace of mind’, says the manufacturer.

ISO13031 compliant, the new GT quick coupler features a variable pin centre design, which enables operators to easily pick up and switch a range of OEM attachments. As well as that, the coupler can reverse buckets, allowing operators to excavate under pipes and against walls.

The GT quick coupler’s compact design not only minimises the tip radius extension, but also utilises a mechanism that allows for more control of attachments with minimal drift.

Geith say they have brought 60 years of experience and expertise to this new tilting coupler and the result is “one of the safest, most productive couplers on the market with superior durability,” and that it can “dramatically increase your productivity.”

With immediate availability not be a problem as the company holds a large stock, the GT quick coupler has a number of build in safety features, including front & rear safety locks backed up by two powerful springs which retains the attachment rear pin in case of cylinder failure.

These powerful spring activated safety locks work in all dirty environments unlike gravity systems.


It is also a versatile product, with major benefits enabling operators to:

  • Dig level foundations without having to level the machine tracks
  • Carry out landscaping with minimum disruption to the ground
  • Reduce waste and manual labour when filling pea gravel around pipes and manholes
  • Carry out rock breaking at the sides of deep trenches where standard couplers can’t reach
  • Expand the working envelope of the machine when hedge or brush cutting
  • Tilt any of your attachments not just your grading bucket