EZ Street Asphalt is now available in Northern Ireland

EZ Street asphalt is a polymer-modified, high performance, cold-lay asphalt that is designed to solve patching problems simply and inexpensively. It’s a combination of high-performance aggregate, quality biofuels and the most advanced polymer technology available today.

This HAPAS approved permanent cold-lay surfacing material (PCSM) is ready to use, works in water and all weather conditions and has a long shelf life in the bag.
Suggested applications include potholes, utility cuts, around water valves & drains, car park repairs and edge repairs. It is also suitable for DIY projects with no specialist training required.

As with any asphalt, it is recommended painting the edges of the repair area with a suitable bituminous joint paint. Repairs are instantly ready for traffic.

Introduced to the UK in early 2019, EZ Street is already establishing itself as a game changing product in the cold asphalt market. It is available in Northern Ireland through local stockist, Asphalt and Aggregates Trading Limited.

A&A’s Director, Lyle Andrew said, “I’ve been in the asphalt industry for over 30 years and admit that I was sceptical about cold-lay materials in the past but the EZ Street product is by far the best that I have seen. It is easy to use, has proven to be a permanent solution and offers a range of advantages over its rivals.”

EZ Street benefits include:

-Permanent repair first time

-Does not contain recycled plastics

-Fume free

-No bond coat required

-Works in water

-Low carbon product

-Open to traffic quickly

-12 month usable shelf-life