“Do More, Earn More” Campaign Launched by Engcon

When discussing the benefits of making product improvements and efficiencies the environmental impact is increasingly in focus. Excavators that perform more work with less driving time reduce the environmental impact. In addition, excavators that optimise performance, increase their profitability by undertaking more assignments while reducing the environmental impact of excavation work. So, to drive excavator efficiency Engcon launches its campaign “Do more. Earn more”.

The environmental issues associated with excavation and construction work are easy to overlook, but as machines become more efficient it does have a positive impact. Engcon’s smart tiltrotator, which is a tilting and rotating quick hitch, adds a whole new dimension to the excavator – the machine can use the tiltrotator to perform movements that were not previously possible. And with the rest of Engcon’s smart range, efficiencies can be significantly improved. A good start is to combine the tiltrotator with the automatic mounting system with EC-Oil to upgrade to a more efficient excavator.

“EC-Oil is a smart quick mounting system that automatically connects hydraulics, electricity and central lubrication between the machine’s quick hitch and under the tiltrotator. In addition, all Engcon hydraulic tools, grippers, ground vibrators, fork racks and sweepers have automatic oil coupling as standard. In fact, the combination of the tiltrotator and EC-Oil means that the entire excavator industry is being revolutionised,” says Stig Engström, founder of Engcon.

“Digging, planning, trenching, sloping, tearing, grabbing, lifting, sweeping, compacting – the possibilities are endless for what an excavator can perform when it is equipped with our tiltrotator and the tools we offer.”

With Engcon’s automatic mounting system EC-Oil, the driver can remain in the cab and safely change tools on the machine – mechanical as well as hydraulic. The fast and smooth tool changes also enable the machine to perform several different types of work in a shorter time frame. Engcon’s products mean that the driver can maneuver the bucket instead of driving the machine around, allowing the bucket to access difficult and narrow passages with reduced machine movement. (Watch it in operation here)

“The excavator becomes a tool carrier with automatic mounting systems that in combination with a tiltrotator increase the excavator’s efficiency. “Do more. Earn more” will revolutionise digging all over the world and we want Europe, North America, Australia and Asia to follow in the Nordic region’s footsteps and the progress they have made. But we do not want to stop there! If all the excavators in the world were to consider ways to improve efficiencies, there would be enormous benefits for the environment and also for the individual excavator operator, who has the opportunity to develop a more profitable business,” adds Stig Engström.