Dalradian Takes Another Steps Towards Building Underground Mine in Tyrone

Dalradian has submitted a package of Further Environmental Information (FEI) to the Department for Infrastructure (DfI), completing another step in the planning process for its application to build an underground gold-silver-copper mine at Curraghinalt, in county Tyrone.

This is the second Addendum to the Environmental Statement that Dalradian has submitted to the Department and represents another important milestone ahead of a Public Inquiry into the plans, announced by the Minster for Infrastructure, Nichola Mallon earlier this year.

The package provides additional clarity for the Department and statutory consultees around a number of key areas.

Highlights of the FEI2 submission are:

–Refinement of the shape of the Dry Stack to blend in with surrounding landforms.

-Details on changes to the proposed roads, relating to road safety signage, minor amendments to road width and changes to road intersections.

-Additional information regarding the Mine Waste Management Plan at the mine was also provided including groundwater and surface water impact assessments.

The package also provides responses to a small number of statutory consultees that had queries or requested further information.

Commenting on the submission of the FEI and the progress of the planning application, Patrick F. N. Anderson, President and CEO said: “Our application has been thoroughly scrutinised for the past three years and two rounds of FEI by a range of government departments, planners and outside experts. We are keen to begin the final test – a public inquiry – so that we can bring modern, environmentally responsible mining to Northern Ireland.

“With Brexit and Covid-19 threatening to have a massive impact on the economy, the mine will be immensely beneficial for Co. Tyrone and the wider region, creating and supporting 1,000 jobs and supply chain spending of £750 million over 20-25 years.

“We will be investing in training to make sure that it is local people who benefit most from the long-term opportunities this project will create.

“While we recognise that the economic opportunities provided by the mine are exciting, safeguarding the environment is also important. That’s why our project design includes the best available technology and is committed to net zero carbon emissions over the lifetime of the mine. There are good nearby examples of the co-existence of modern mining and a healthy environment in Ireland, Scotland and Sweden.”