Bobcats Impress Operators at McCusker Demolition

Belfast based McCusker Demolition Ltd, who specialise in a wide variety of demolition and dismantling projects, has added two new Bobcat machines to its already impressive fleet of excavators and material handlers.

It’s the first time the company, which attracts high profile clients from across the UK and Ireland, has invested in the Bobcat brand; the two machines, a T40.180SLP Telescopic Handler and an E62 Compact Excavator, were supplied by dealers Northern Excavators.

“While the company has had no experience of the Bobcat, some of our operators have worked with the machines in the past and, in part, it was their recommendation that influenced our decision to invest in them,” says Ciaran McCusker.

Working on projects in urban and city centre areas and in sectors that range from domestic, industrial and commercial, to healthcare and education, only the best and most reliable equipment will do, and so far they have been very impressed with the Bobcats.

“You couldn’t ask for better machines,” says Ciaran. “They have been performing brilliantly on site; they are very versatile, reliable and robust machines.

“We were attracted to the T40.180SLP primarily for its 18m reach; it’s ideal for working at height, and with a basket attachment we can easily transport men to those higher levels. It also has an excellent and comfortable cab that affords good all-round visibility which is essential for our type of work.”

So, taking a closer look at the Bobcat T40.180SLP Telescopic Handler: with its 18m lift height and a maximum capacity of 4 tonnes, it provides a top-class performance for high-lift jobs, as Ciaran said. The easy-to-use compact stabilisers ensure that you can use the machine’s full capabilities in the most confined working areas; in addition to safe working practice, the stabilisers are a big advantage when you need to get close to a building without losing reach.

Bobcat always strives to give you ideal working conditions, which, as Ciaran pointed out, includes providing good visibility beyond the immediate working area. By ensuring that operators are always fully aware of their surroundings, the Bobcat panoramic cab design promotes greater safety.

Bobcat also offers you a genuine single joystick: not mechanical, not hydraulic – it is a fully electro-proportional joystick for all boom movements (lift, tilt, telescope), integrated FNR (Front/Neutral/Rear), auxiliary controls and machine setting controls. This gives the operator the highest possible accuracy and safety for lifting loads with care.

This joystick can also combine several movements at the same time, giving a huge gain in productivity. It remains intuitive while providing multiple settings: you can adjust the travel speed as well as the hydraulic flow to the auxiliary line. And this Bobcat joystick is safer too, as the operator always has one hand on the steering wheel.

Intuitive and all-in one controls on the joystick, spacious cab (even for tall operators), Fast Connect System (to change hydraulic attachments easily), one step access to the cab and forward/reverse controls on the joystick all come as standard.

The ergonomic controls are well identified, backlit and logically positioned, while the adjustable steering wheel, simplified display screen and semi-automatic wheel alignment, amongst other features, add to the ease of use.

An automatic parking brake function provides an additional level of safety in everyday operations. It is automatically be engaged at low engine revs or engine turned off, making operations simpler and faster for an operator who is concentrating on his job.

Compact Excavator

Ciaran adds: “What initially appealed to us about the six tonne E62 excavator was its compact size and its zero tail-swing which make it perfect for working on sites that are restricted or are difficult to access with a larger machine.”

The machine features advanced climate control, lower noise levels and an extra large cab, offering great operator comfort in terms of environment, leg room and visibility.

It has easy-to-master controls to give you perfect control of the boom, arm and bucket, even in the most challenging work environments; this predictable control is delivered through exclusive control valve systems and torque-limiting piston pumps that match force with demand.

Like all Bobcat machines, preventative maintenance is made easy thanks to Bobcat’s simple industry-leading service access checkpoints.