BelfastMet Innovation Manager On Panel Assessing Future Trends in Construction Sector

Paul Mc Cormack, Belfast Metropolitan College Innovation Manager and BIMcert Programme Manager, has been selected to participate as part of a select group of European experts to assess the future trends in the construction sector by designing roadmaps and scenarios.

On December 7-8 he will be part of the ‘Green and Digital Transition in the Construction Sector’ expert panel, at Fore:sight VET 2035.

Paul was identified as a valuable member of the online workshop panel after an extensive EU wide identification process. The request was made as part of European Vocational Skills Week. Paul was asked to be part of a select group of experts that will help shape the future of VET (Vocational Education and Training) in construction.

The  theme is VET For Green and Digital Transitions in line with the European Commission priorities of a ‘European Green Deal’ and a ‘Europe Fit For The Digital Age’.

The aim of the two day online workshop on December 7-8 is to assess the future needs and developments necessary in the digital transformation journey of the construction sector.

Paul McCormack

The digital tools and techniques developed in the Belfast Met led BIMcert project, a beyond blended industry focused programme of training modules specifically designed  to address the skills needs of the construction and the energy challenges across the supply chain, will be central in this workshop.

Key areas of focus will include, ‘Green Transition in Construction’, ‘Digital Transition in Construction’ and ‘Educational Transition in Construction’.

There will be joint brainstorming in focus groups by the experts and development of various road maps as a result. Paul will be part of the focus group on ‘Economy’ along with Ms Dijana Likar from BIMcert partner, IECE Macedonia.

Dr Avril Behan, from BIMcert partner Technological University Dublin, will be part of the ‘Technology’ focus group and Barry Neilson from BIMcert partner CITB, NI will be part of the ‘Education’ focus group.

This year is the 5th edition of European Vocational Skills Week and this annual week is where local, regional or national organisations showcase the best of Vocational Education and Training, (VET).

Belfast Met is one of the leading digital transformation FE colleges in the UK.  The college is combining its internationally tried and tested digital transformation expertise with the engineering expertise within the School of Engineering & Constrction to develop initiatives to assist industry avail of the digital thread of Industry 4.0 and drive real world transformations.

Looking forward to the workshop, Paul McCormack, said: “Being asked to sit on an EU wide expert panel is testimony to the excellence and reach of Belfast Met. It reflects our growing international reputation of innovation and successfully driving transformation, continually enabling industry to be globally competitive.

“Our digital transformation work sets out to empower industry, continually upskill their workforce in adaptive environments and to ensure they remain agile and resilient. It is excellent that BelfastMet will be a skills chartographer in developing Green and Digital Transformation solutions for fore:sight VET 2035.”