Ashbourne Recycled Air Filters Working to Help the Environment

Ashbourne Recycled Air Filters are helping their customers to reduce their impact on the environment by rolling out their filter recycling across the country.

Last year alone, the company succeeded in diverting over 20,000 air filters of all shapes and sizes from HGV & mobile plant engine filters to compressors filters & dust collector cartridges. This commonly forgotten waste stream generates over 5,000 tonnes of waste each year which ends up either being incinerated or sent to land fill if it does go through our filter recycling program.

That’s an impressive figure which can only grow as more and more companies recognise the need to increase their efforts to tackle climate change as every little bit helps.

Ashbourne Recycled Air Filters Ltd was originally established in the mid 90’s as Envirotech, a small family run business with a core value of reducing waste.

In 2006 Envirotech was rebranded Ashbourne Recycled Air Filters Ltd and started to explore different industry sectors across the UK with a very simple business philosophy – to help save costs and more importantly reduce their carbon footprint by stopping as many filters as possible from going to landfill.

Today, as a leading air filter refurbishment company, it operates a filter recycling programme across a multitude of different industries – from logistics and mobile plant hire to public transport, quarrying and agriculture.

Currently, its air and DPF filter recycling programme is being used by over 60 companies such as Tarmac CRH  Group, Finning (UK) Ltd, Breedon Group UK and Aggregate Industries UK Ltd.