25 Years Tobroco-Giant; Developed In The Netherlands, Built For The World

After an eventful year with highs and lows, 2021 will be a year in which TOBROCO-GIANT celebrates its 25th anniversary. What started in 1996 as a company in ornamental fencing and injectors has grown through the further development and production of GIANT machines into an international company with three own branches and the ambition to grow considerably in the coming years to 9,500 machines by 2025.

Comments Director and owner Toine Brock: “This milestone could not have been achieved without the commitment and involvement of employees, dealers and suppliers. And of course from our customers all over the world who use our machines every day and are convinced of the quality of GIANT machines and attachments. This gives us the confidence that we can continue to grow in the coming years and be busy with what I love to do; develop and build machines that meet all the wishes and requirements of customers worldwide.”

It all started in 1996 with the foundation of TOBROCO, which stands for Toine Brock Construction. Injectors were developed and built under this name. These were well received and over the years also exported to other European countries. Until early 2001 the foot-and-mouth disease broke out and production came to a complete standstill.

Because Toine is a real entrepreneur he discussed a solution with his employees immediately. Because of his agricultural background, Toine already knew that the companies in his area could make good use of a multifunctional tool carrier to lighten the work and perform it more efficiently. The idea for the GIANT wheel loader was born.

Adds Brock: “The name GIANT was chosen for an obvious reason. It is the abbreviation for Gigantic Ant and a reference to the animals with their unique capabilities and the possibility to lift up to 50 times their own weight. A feature that is reflected in all GIANT machines because they are known for being able to lift a lot in relation to their own weight.”

The loader was further perfected in the first year with feedback from customers. Soon after, it was not only local companies that bought a machine, but there was already interest from abroad. The current importer for Denmark and Sweden, BrdrSørensen, has been there from the start and Firma Beel as importer for Belgium followed soon after.

In 2014 TOBROCO-GIANT built the 10,000th machine. The company needed 13 years to reach this milestone. The next 10,000 machines needed less time because at the end of 2018 the counter was already at 20,000. Last year the 25,000th machine was produced. These milestones have everything to do with the rapid growth abroad.

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